Incentive Compensation

A powerful organizational alignment tool, incentive compensation is a meaningful part of any change strategy. Whether designing cash or non-cash award, reward, and recognition strategies, we partner with organizations to evaluate, design, and deploy incentives that align with your change strategy, goals, and objectives.

Typical questions we partner with organizations to solve include:

  • How might we create a culture of success, celebration, and achievement?
  • How might we restructure our sales incentive plan to align to our desired behaviors and strategy?
  • How might we introduce peer to peer reward and recognition into our culture?
  • How might we leverage experience and merchandise (non-cash) into our cash-dominant reward culture?

Drawing on latest trends, research, best practices, and our decades of experience, we facilitate answers to these and many other questions through our standardized framework.


We study data and ask tough questions, then report out findings and advocate for appropriate interventions.


We look at meaningful change through people, process, and technology. Define what needs to happen and how to test.

Deploy & Study

Test the change for impact, while advocating and challenging success.

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